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plan of action for hospitals, doctors, nurses involved in a natural disaster like Katrina

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I need help with a plan of action for hospitals, nurses and doctors involved in a natural disaster like Katrina. What are some steps that can be taken so one would not have to make the choice of ending the life of a critically ill patient? How about a taskforce that should be in place for every hospital, that is just one thought? All ideas are welcomed.

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This great topic calls for a lot of reflection. If you are creating a plan of action, there are many things you may want to consider. Foremost amongst these ideas are the presuppositions that exist for your plan of action. If you are trying to avoid the direct termination of life of a critically ill patient in the circumstance of a horrific natural disaster, then you are assuming that all life at all stages, outside of physical ability, is an undiminished good or value. Hence, you are attempting to answer all the possibilities that would force a medical professional to avoid making such decisions.

The idea of a task force is to evaluate such situations, however; is it possible to foresee all possible circumstances? Realistically no. I would suggest attempting to create a model based upon real plausible action. Katrina demonstrated the limits to preventive and effective action in a wide-scale natural disaster. No one ...

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Task force is suggested.

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