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What type of person should i be?

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The solution is a sample powerpoint presentation to guide the student in presenting the topic, "What type of person should I be?" using the details indicated below:

Cover a topic mentioned above, as well as 3-4 principle issues within your topic.
Develop your personal philosophy concerning the topic you choose.
Cite at least three philosophers mentioned in Philosophy: The Power of Ideas according to APA style guidelines.
Include speaker's notes that add to the presentation and, therefore, are not a replica of the PowerPoint slides.
Using text and graphics, create 11-14 PowerPointTM slides to illustrate your philosophy. The presentation should include the following:

1 slide introduction that presents your topic
3-4 slides that describe 3-4 principle issues within your topic
3-4 slides that present your views concerning the 3-4 principle issues
3-4 slides that present historical philosophers' views as support to your theory
1 slide conclusion

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