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    The four basic duties a business has to its customers.

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    According to the contract view of business' duties to customers, what are the four basic duties a firm has to its customers? Why are they necessary? What objections do critics raise about this theory?

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    The contract view of a business' responsibilities toward its customers is one of many ethical perspectives regarding the relationship between producer and consumer. The contract view claims that there are four basic duties that a company or business has to its customers.

    1. The first duty is to comply with the terms of the sales contract.
    2. Second, the company must disclose the nature of the product.
    3. Third, the company must avoid misrepresenting the product to the customer.
    4. Fourth, the company must avoid using duress and undue influence to manipulate the customer.

    These duties are necessary to prevent both the consumer from forming incorrect ideas ...

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    This solution examines the contract view of the duties a business owes its customers. Why are these duties necessary? Over 450 words of original text.