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Ethics in business and government

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In view of what you read in current publications relative to ethical practices in today's business and government environment, what factual evidence can you find to either support the study or refute the findings of the study? You should present evidence to substantiate your position by researching Internet sources to gather relevant evidence that supports your position.

Please answer completely and site sources in APA format.

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Because the pdf file strongly demonstrates how corporate America is suffering from a bleak ethical landscape at risk, I tend to agree with the article. Recent events with Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, and Adelphia seem to reiterate how a blatant lack of ethics at work cause detriment. Many U.S. business leaders at home (and abroad) also lost faith after these events. James F. Parker, CEO of Southwest Airlines, reflects "I think it's unfortunate that the misdeeds of a few have had the effect of creating questions and undermining confidence of business in general" ...

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Ethics in business and government are examined through research.

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