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    Hostile Workplace Philosophy

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    I believe that Michael Mercieca at work was a deontological ethical system. When Lori wanted him to get involved with her "boyfriend issues." He honestly told her it made him feel uncomfortable.

    Lori Aulds, I believe was acting on a virtue ethics system focuses more on the integrity of the moral actor (the person) than on the moral act itself (the decision or behavior). Motivations and intentions are important to ethical decision making, as the law acknowledges. Lori was motivated by revenge.

    Tracey Rummel relativism or the person's emphasis on ethical principles being dependent on the situation rather than being applicable to all situations and moral development theory Level I: PRECONVENTIONAL At stage 2, concern for personal reward and satisfaction become considerations in addition to a kind of market reciprocity. What is right is judged in terms of a ''you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours'' reciprocal relationship.

    Am I on track with these first 3. The next 3 I'm very confused about...

    What has me stumped is David Tannebaum and the Human Resource Department: When you're attempting to decide what's right or wrong, consequentialist theories focus attention on the results or consequences of the decision or action. Utilitarianism is probably the best-known consequentialist theory. When deciding what would be best, losing their jobs won out over what is best for all. That is my only idea for them.

    Eddie O'Brien is the Vice-President of Microsoft, why would he go along with this? Lori was only a regional sales director, he was the VP, why would he risk it? What was he thinking?

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    This is definitely a case that holds interest when considering multiple people's potential rationale, or major philosophical modus operandi. What I can tell you is that your current opinions contained in the first part of your response seem rational, and consistent. As for the last three people mentioned, I have the following interpretations:

    Eddie O'Brien is barely mentioned; to me, this suggests he merely followed protocol. He was given a complaint, ordered the investigation, and then ...

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    The philosophies involved in myriad people's actions during a commitment to a hostile work environment are discussed in brief.