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Thinking About Business in Moral and Legal Terms

Steven F. Goldstone, Chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco (one of four biggest U.S. cigarette manufacturers), said in a magazine interview, "I have no moral view of this business. . . I viewed it as a legal business. You shouldn't be drawing a moral judgment about a business our country says is perfectly legal and is taxed like crazy by it." (Might need to be sourced.) Think about Goldstone's statement in terms of moral awareness.

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Goldstone is unfortunately correct in terms of legality, but shows a severe lack of understanding of personal morality, of its affects on behavior, and of the logical inconsistencies of his own position.

Firstly, he seems to "bait-and-switch" by taking a question of morality and turning it into a question of ...

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The moral and psychological consequences of claiming a business has no ties to morality are touched upon in brief. Almost 200 words.