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Voting Law and Discrimination

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Understand what intentional discrimination is, which consists of unjust or prejudicial treatment of people based on race, gender, and age. Does today's legislation impact the verification of voter identification and would this fall under unintentional or intentional discrimination? Explain? Does one's personal ethical perspective play into this scenario? If so/not, Explain? Thank you for any insight into this topic.

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What seems most interesting about this question is the potential to highlight the inherent discrimination of any law. For example, in order to protect from one consequence, one must discriminate against another. This, of course, is too broad a definition for what the professor truly wants to insinuate, namely that there is racial discrimination involved in checking voter registration accuracy. The real ...

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This 251 word solution discusses the concept of discrimination as concerns voting law by way of key questions to weigh and their importance for keeping emotions objective.