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    Structural Engineering

    Structural engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering is a speciality within civil engineering, although it can also be studied in its own right. Structural engineers are commonly involved in the design of buildings and large non-building structures but they can be involved in the design of machinery, medical equipment, vehicles or any item where structural integrity affects the item’s function or safety.

    Structural engineering theory is based upon physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometries. Structural engineering design utilizes a number of simple structural elements to build complex structural systems. They are responsible for making creative and efficient use of funds, structural elements and materials to achieve these goals.

    The history of structural engineering contains many collapses and failures. Sometimes this is due to negligence and other times due to structural failures. The results of these inquiries have resulted in improved practices and greater understanding of the science of structural engineering. 

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    Importance of storyboarding in NEPA document preparation

    This solution is designed to highlight a technique called storyboarding when working with interdisciplinary teams in developing a NEPA document. Storyboarding assist the team in documenting their conclusions so they are consistent. In essence, it helps the team tell a story of the environmental impact of a project.

    Shear forces and bending moments

    1. For the loaded beam shown in FIGURE 1 : (a) Determine the vertical reactions at the supports. (b) Sketch the shear force diagram for the beam. (c) Calculate the bending moment at 1m intervals along the beam. (d) Sketch the bending moment diagram for the beam. (e) State the position and magnitude of the maximum bending mo

    Nursing Home Design

    Hospitals are not the only healthcare facilities. Now due to various reasons in the U.S. population, government policy, technology and finance, we have ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, independent living facilities, imaging centers, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers, wellness centers, medical office comp

    Static Engineering - Beam Question

    I am completing a work pack as preparation for an exam coming up. The questions have moved onto beams and the question is very dissimilar to the examples I've been given and I am having trouble progressing, and unsure of any answers I produce. The question is separated into 5 parts. I have linked the question in the picture b

    Beam deflection

    Q.1 Derive an expression for the deflection due to shear for a cantilever beam of constant rectangular cross section, under action of a point load, P at free end. Q.2 Show how the max shear stress occurs at the neutral axis and a value of 3/2 x average shear stress on the section. Q.3 If length of cantilever is 2m, P=100K

    Break Even Analysis for Internal Combustion Engines

    There was a time (early 1900s to mid 1920s) when horse wagons and internal-combustion engine trucks competed for economical haulage of basic materials. Consider the following choices: (see attached). Construct a break-even analysis.

    Euler's formula to solve for allowable axial compressive load

    A W12x22 structural steel wide-flange section of ASTM A36 steel is used as an axially loaded column. Find the allowable axial compressive load using Euler's formula and a factor of safety of 2.0. The column is pin connected at both ends and is 15 ft long.

    Materials To Construct An Industrial Building

    A small building can be constructed of steel or wood framing. A decision is made to use steel for fire resistance. If 0.60 m^3 of steel is required for the same structural support as 1.25 m^3 of wood, how much more mass will the building have as a result of this decision? (Approximate the density of steel by that of pure iron. T

    Pumping works in the City of London

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- The City of London has grown significantly, so city planners have decided that a second water supply line from Grand Bend. ---

    Bearing stress12

    A 10 kip axial load is applied to a short wooden post which is supported by a concrete footing resting on undisturbed soil. How would I determine the maximum bearing stress on the concrete footing, as well as the size of the footing for which the average bearing stress on the soil is 20 psi?

    Calculating maximum load of a hovering helicopter

    The helicopter can produce a maximum downward air speed ( v = 24 m/s ) in a slipstream of a diameter ( D = 9 m). Knowing that the weight of the helicopter and the crew is ( 15 kN ) and assuming air density rho = 1.21 kg/m^3 ), determine the maximum load that helicopter can lift while hovering in midair. ( 29.3 kN ) Thank you

    Shear and Bending Moment

    A 10ft beam has applied forces F1 and F2 as shown. The influence functions for the shear and bending moment at point B are als shown. For forces F1=10lbs and F2=20lbs, how do I find the shear and bending moment at point B? See the attached file.

    Find Force Exerted

    (See attachments.) FYI: In this posting I will write A (sub x) as Ax. I will Write Sigma (or sum) as {E} Find the force exerted by pin A on the structure. I know that I first make the free body diagram. 1. Try the entire frame: IN second attachment, image on left. Problem...this is 4 unknowns, but we're

    Formulate a Linear Program for Blend Mix at Bluegrass Distillery

    The Bluegrass Distillery produces custom-blended whiskey. A particular blend consists of rye and bourbon whiskey. The company has received an order for a minimum of 400 gallons of the custom blend. The customer specified that the order must contain at least 40% rye and not more than 250 gallons of bourbom. The customer also spec

    Text book Management science 7 ed by Bernard Taylor

    Solve the following linear programing model graphically. Maximize Z= 5x1 + 8x2 subject to: 3x1 + 5x2 <= 50 2x1 + 4x2 <= 40 x1 <= 8 x2 <= 10 x1,x2 > 0 Transform this model into standard form and indicate the value of the slack variables at each corner point solution.

    Dynamics - Position

    Just in case you can't read the writing on the attached file it states: Two monkeys of equal weight are hanging in equilibrium at the ends of a rope passing over a relatively light pulley for which the bearing friction can be neglected. Then the monkey on the right begins to climb the rope while the monkey on the left simply ho

    Dynamics: Velocity of a Sphere After a Collision

    Two spheres each of mass m, can slide freely on a frictionless, horizontal surface. Sphere A is moving at a speed Vo=16 ft/s when it strikes sphere B which is at rest and the impact causes sphere B to break into two pieces, each of mass m/2 Knowing that 0.7s after the collision one piece reaches point C and 0.9s after the collis

    State Space Model of a Heater Element

    Please see the attached file for full problem description. Please answer with full explanations. After solving the part a to part f , please discuss the energy dynamics of the question .

    Sketch a streamline, pathline, and streakline

    For a given flow the velocity from time t=0 to t=5s was u=2 m/s, v=0. Then from t=5s to t=10s the velocity was u=+3 m/s, v=-4 m/s. A dye streak was started at t=0, and a path was traced from that same point at the same time. Draw to scale the streakline, pathline, and streamlines at t=10s. Please solve and explain. I have see

    Calculations with steam mixed with additional steam at a different pressure

    A steam press at 650Kpa + dryness fraction of 0.9% flows along a pipe at a rate of 3.5Kg per second. Steam mixes with additional steam that has been throttled from a pressure of 2000Kpa to a pressure of 800Kpa which enters from a branch pipe. If the resulting mixture is dry at 800Kpa find the amount of additional steam entering

    Determining Distance Traveled Up a Slope

    A 37kg object is placed onto a coil spring which has been compressed 43mm. The force used to compress the spring was 35KN.The spring and the object are on the same incline plane angled at 21deg from the horizontal. If the coefficient of friction is 0.37,how far will the block travel up the slope?