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Calculations with steam mixed with additional steam at a different pressure

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A steam press at 650Kpa + dryness fraction of 0.9% flows along a pipe at a rate of 3.5Kg per second. Steam mixes with additional steam that has been throttled from a pressure of 2000Kpa to a pressure of 800Kpa which enters from a branch pipe. If the resulting mixture is dry at 800Kpa find the amount of additional steam entering from the branch pipe?

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This solution responds in 75 words to the relationship between pressure and enthalpy and how this relationship can be used with calculations to find the additional steam entering the branch pipe.

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90% of 3.5 Kg = 3.15 Kg dry steam and rest 10% i.e. 0.35 Kg is liquid.
If you look at the steam table, if the pressure is ...

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