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    Calculations Regarding a Piston-Cylinder Device

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    A piston-cylinder device contains 5kg of steam at 100kPa, quality of 50%. This steam undergoes two processes as follows: (Process1-2) Heat is transferred to the steam in a reversible manner while the pressure is held constant until the steam exits as a saturated vapor. (Process 2-3) The steam is compressed in an adiabatic, reversible process until the pressure is 500kPa.

    (a) Sketch these processes with respect to the saturation lines on a single T-s diagram.
    (b) Determine the heat added to the steam in the entire process 1-3, in kJ.
    (c) Determine the net work done by the steam in the entire process 1-3, in kJ.

    (It's a reversible adiabatic process, this is not a cycle)

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    Thermodynamic State 1 of Steam

    Pressure = 100 K Pa
    Quality of steam x= 0.5
    Corresponding to these conditions the steam properties (from steam tables) are

    Property Saturated . Liquid Saturated Va[por Mixture
    Temperature, C 99.61 99.61 99.61
    Enthalppy, KJ/Kg 417.4 2674.9 1546.15
    Entropy, KJ/Kg-K 1.3 7.36 4.33
    Specific Volume, M3/Kg 0.001043 1.6949 0.8479

    Properties at the ...

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