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How much steam is required for each pound mass of entering acid?

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Saturated steam at 40 psia is throttled to 1 atm and mixed adiabatically with (and condensed by) 45-wt-% sulfuric acid at 80oF in a flow process that raises the temperature of the acid to 160oF. How much steam is required for each pound mass of entering acid, and what is the concentration of the hot acid?


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The amount of steam and the concentration of acid is calculated from pressure and temperature data.

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You use the steam tables and find for saturated steam at 40 psia the temperature is 267.26 F and enthalpy is 1169.8 Btu/lb. In the throttling process the enthalpy of the steam remains the same.
<br>Use the first law for open systems with no heat exchange and no shaft work. Then
<br>sum(m_in H_in)=sum(m_out H_out)
<br>Note that in what follows by acid I mean the solution that is 45% concentrated, NOT the mass of pure acid in this solution.

If R is the ...

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