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    How much steam is required and what is the final conc of H2SO4 in tank?

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    An insulated tank, open to the atmosphere, contains 1,500 (lbm) of 40-wt-% sulfuric acid at 60oF. It is heated to 180oF by injection of live saturated steam at 1 atm, which fully condenses in the process. How much steam is required, and what is the final concentration of H2SO4 in the tank?


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    From steam tables the enthalpy of saturated steam at 1 atm is 1150.5 Btu/lb.

    For acid at 40% and 60 F H_acid=-98 Btu/lb.

    Use the first law for open systems:

    sum(m_in H_in)=sum(m_out H_out)

    m_steam *H_steam(sat, 1 atm) + m_acid* H_acid(40%, 60 F) = (m_steam+m_acid)*H_acid(x%, 180 F).

    take the ratio ...

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    The amount of steam and the final concentration of H2SO4 are calculated.