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    Redox Titration-Analysis of Bleach, KI and H2SO4

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    Into a 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask was added some KI and H2SO4 . Then 3.0 mL of bleach solution was added to the flask and it was immediately titrated with 0.1261 M sodium thiosulfate solution. It required 41.26 mL of this sodium thiosulfate solution to reach the end point of the titration. What is the percentage of NaOCl in the bleach? Assume the density of commercial bleaching solution to be 1.084 g/mL.

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    First consider the various redox reactions taking place
    Bleach is a dilute solution of NaOCl.
    The reduction equation of OCl- is
    2e + OCl- + H2O -------------------> 2OH- + Cl-

    2 I- ------------------------------------------> I2 + 2e.

    This above represents what happens when excess KI is mixed with mixed with bleach
    The equations below show the reactions occurring in the titration

    So it is ...

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    The redox titration-analysis if bleach, Kl and H2SO4 is examined.