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Redox reaction in acidic solution

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I need to separate these into half reactions, and indicate the changes in oxidation state, then give the overall equation.

First I put water into a test tube, then I added potassium permangate. Next I added sulfuric acid, and after mixing that together I also added potassium iodide.

I understand how to balance redox equations when given an equation and the product, but I don't know how to go about writing the equations for this since I'm not sure what the products are. This should be easy, but I'm just not getting it. If someone could show me the equations, and how to get them I would be very happy.

thank you

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Lets think about the problem at hand. We first put potassium permanganate, which is KMNO4 (known as an oxidizing agent). when sulfuric acid was added the person giving us this problem is simply telling us that whatever redox reaction will take place is going to be in acidic medium. however after mixing those we added KI or potassium iodide which means the iodide will be oxidized. in order to see how this reaction is actually solved and balanced please check the attached file

We start by looking at the ingredients.

We know we have KMNO4 which is better known as MNO4- when solving redox reactions and is also known as an excellent oxidizing agent.

Usually redox reaction occur in basic or acidic media. This means that we need acid like H2SO4 or base like NaOH to undergo redox reactions. We were informed that H2SO4 was added which is a source of H+ for the reaction and in other words we know that the medium is acidic. We will later use those H+ ions as to balance the equation

At the last stage of mixing stuff we added KI or ...

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