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    Balance redox in acidic solution using half reaction

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    2 a) Balance the following Oxidation-reduction reactions that occur in acidic solution using half reaction method and identify the oxidizing agent, the reducing agent, the substance being oxidized, and the substance being reduced
    Mn<2+>(aq) + NaBiO3(s) = Bi<3+> (aq) + MnO4<->(aq)

    2 b) Same method:
    Cu(s) + NO3<-> (aq) = Cu<2+> (aq) + NO(g)

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    2(a) Mn<2+>(aq) ---> MnO4<->(aq)
    Balancing O, Mn<2+> + 4H2O ---> MnO4<->
    Balancing H, Mn<2+> + 4H2O ---> MnO4<-> + 8H<+>
    Balancing charges, Mn<2+> + 4H2O ---> MnO4<-> + 8H<+> + 5e<->
    Similarly, BiO3<-> ---> Bi<3+>
    Balancing O, BiO3<-> ---> Bi<3+> + 3H2O
    Balancing H, BiO3<-> + 6H<+>---> Bi<3+> + 3H2O
    Balancing charges, BiO3<-> + 6H<+> + 2e<-> ---> Bi<3+> + 3H2O ...

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