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Electrochemistry: Balancing Redox Reactions

Balance the following two equations.
(SO3)2- ---->(SO4)2-

H2O2+CL2O7----->CLO2- + O2

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When balancing redox reactions we go through several steps.

1) Find half reactions
2) Balance half reactions in both mass and charge.
3) Adjust have reactions so that electrons will cancel.
4) Add half reaction together

1) It looks like you've found the half reactions.

2) We balance mass first, then charge.

SO3)2- ----> SO4)2-

S is already balanced. Add 1 water to left side to balance the oxygens. Then add 2 H+ to the right to balance the hydrogens.

SO3)2- + H2O ----> SO4)2- + 2 ...

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