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Rate of reaction

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The numerical value of the rate constant for the gaseous reaction

2N2O5------- 4NO2+ O2

was found to be 5.8*10-4. The initial concetration of N205 was 1.00mol/L. Assuming all measurements are recorded in seconds, determine the tim required for the reation to be 60% complete if the reaction is second order.

2. For each of the following cells write a balaced vell redox equation and calculate E(upper little circle)

a. Ag(s) / Ag2S / S(- 2)(aq) // HClO(aq), H(+ 1)(aq) / Cl2(g) / Pt
b. Pt / Cr2O7(- 2)(aq), Cr(+3)(aq), H(+1) // Cl(-1)(aq) / Cl2(g) / Pt
c. Fe / Fe (+3)(aq) // Cl(-1) / Hg2Cl2(s) / Hg(l)

Ag2S(s) + 2e- -------------- 2 Ag(s) + S(-2) E(upper little circle)= -0.71 V

2HCLO + 2H(+1) +2e- ---------- Cl2 + 2H2O E = 1.63

Hg2Cl2 (s) + 2e- ---------------- 2Hg(l) + 2Cl(-1) E = 0.27

Fe(+3) + 3e- --------------Fe E = -0.04

3. a). Calculate the number of moles of electrons needed to produce 5.12g of copper from the electrolysis of a solution of CuSO4.

b). How much time is required to produce 200g of alumimun metal for molten aluminum oxide dissolved in cryolite, if you use a 12.0 amp current.

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