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    Calculating the Rate of Reaction

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    CH3OH + HCl > CH3Cl + H2O

    The above is a chemical reaction. Below are data, time intervals and levels of concentration that it takes for HCl to react.

    Time (min) HCl (M)

    0 1.85
    79 1.67
    158 1.52
    316 1.30
    632 1.00

    How do you calculate the average rate of reaction for the time interval between each measurement? When reviewing this problem as it appears to you, please note that the data actually are two separate columns where in the first row 0 = minutes and 1.85 is M HCl the same is true for the remaining rows of data.

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    To calculate the average rate of reaction of HCl, we should calculate rate of change of HCl between each measurement:

    Rate of change of [HCl] = ΔHCl / Δt (change in HCl concentration ...

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