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    Determination of Vitamin C by Redox Titration with Iodate

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    First I dissolved a 250 mg tablet of vitamin c in 50 mL distilled water.

    Then, I prepared a buret with 0.002034M KIO3 solution

    Next, I pipetted 5.00 mL of the vitamin c solution into a flask and added 5 mL of 0.6M KI solution, 5 mL of 1M HCl, 1 mL startch indicator solution.

    The endpoint was reached after 11.27 mL of KIO3 was titrated into solution.

    The question that I'm having trouble with is: From the volume of titrant added, calculate the moles of vitamin C for each titration.

    I know the molarity of KIO3 is 0.002034 mol/L.

    The problem I'm having is coming up with the right balanced reaction equation.

    C6H8O6 + HCl + KI + KIO3 ---> ?

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    The reactions taking place during the redox titration of vitamin C with iodate are outlined.