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    Find the weight percent copper in the salt.

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    A 3.026 gram portion of Cu(II) salt was dissolved in a 250 ml volumetric flask. A 25.0mL aliquot was analyzed adding 1 g KI and titrating the liberated iodine with 23.33 mL of 0.04668 M Na2S2O3. Find the weight percent copper in the salt.

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    find the moles of thiosulfate:
    0.02333 Litre of 0.04668 mol/litre Na2S2O3.= 1.089 e-3 moles Na2S2O3

    by the reaction:
    1 mole I2 & 2moles S2O32- <===> 2I- + S4O62-
    1.089 ...

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