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    Density and Percent Composition

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    7. A piece of galena (PbS) with a mass of 504.5 g displaces 48.6 mL of
    water. What is the density of galena (PbS) ?

    8 . Calculate the percent composition of copper in the
    hydrate CuSO4.5H2O based on atomic weight data.

    9. The reaction of sodium hydroxide with nitric acid in
    water is given by the following equation:

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    7. Density is simply given by the formula d=m/v, so density is equal to mass divided by volume. So, if galena (a very nice looking cubic mineral) has a mass of 504.5 g and volume of 48.6 ml, the density is calculated by:
    d = m/v
    d = 504.5 g/48.6 ml
    d = 10.4 g/ml
    This is a very dense mineral, halite (table salt) by ...

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    The solution examines density and percent composition for different rocks and minerals.