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    Determine the composition of a solder alloy

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    Electronic solder is an alloy of tin and lead. Determine the composition of this solder alloy. Answer in % lead (by mass). Here is the data:

    Density of pure lead: 11.4 g/cm^3
    Density of pure tin: 7.31 g/cm^3
    Density of solder sample: 10.35 g/cm^3
    Remember find the % lead by MASS.

    1. 65.98 % lead by mass
    2. 74.32 % lead by mass
    3. 77.95 % lead by mass
    4. 78.27 % lead by mass
    5. 81.9 % lead by mass

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    Let us take 1 cc of the solder sample. This sample weighs 10.35 g.

    Let x grams be the weight of pure lead and y grams be the weight of pure tin in the sample. Then we ...

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