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    Cellulose Chemistry

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    Assuming cellulose with the chemical formula C6H10O5.......what happens if:

    1) the cellulose is subjected to concentrated H2SO4 (sulfuruc acid) ---- how is the cellulose molecule/structure modified? and what are the reaction by-products.

    2) similarly, what happens if cellulose is reacted with maleic anhydride C4H2O3? Again, how is the cellulose molecule/structure altered and what are the reaction by-products?

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    Cellulose macromolecules are composed of D-glucose units linked together by β-1,4 glycosidic linkages in linear, unbranched chains. Reaction of purified cellulose with concentrated sulfuric acid can lead to hydrolysis and (under certain conditions) sulfation -

    The reaction itself is heterogeneous and influenced by physical factors including the nature of the cellulose stock in addition to the reaction conditions i.e. temperature, acid conc.). The mechanism ...

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