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Biofuels : Ethanol and Cellulose - A short Essay

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Write a short article (300 words or so) explaining to another student why biofuels were developed, and why there is a drive towards the use of ethanol as a petroleum (gasoline) substitute and why some American scientists argue that there should be a move away from producing ethanol from corn, towards producing it from cellulose. Give chemical reasons as to why it is more difficult to manufacture ethanol from cellulose than starch.

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Biofuels are primarily derived from biomass or bio-waste. Biofuels can be used in a large number of applications, but they have attracted a lot of attention as a possible alternative to petrol in the transport sector. They are thought to be a good way of potentially reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and they can also be considered as a means to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that are increasingly limited in availability.

Producing ethanol from corn is wasteful and is not sustainable. This is because only a small ...

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Why are biofuels being developed? Why is there a drive towards the use of ethanol as a petroleum substitute and why are some American scientists claiming that there should be a move towards producing ethanol from cellulose.