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    Determining the final mass of a cup using calorimetry

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    A 150 gram Aluminum calorimeter cup contains 320 grams of water at 22 degrees Celsius. Steam at 100 degrees Celsius is routed into the calorimeter until the temperature of the cup and its contents reaches 50 degrees Celsius. What is the final total mass of the cup and its contents?

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    First some data:
    Specific heat capacity of water in liquid form
    H2O(l) 4.18
    Specific Heat capacity of aluminum
    Al(s) 0.89

    The heat of vaporization for water is 2260 J/G

    We are trying to find the mass of steam that must be added to the calorimeter to bring the total temperature up to 50 degrees C. The total ...

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    Determining the final mass of a cup using calorimetry is achieved.