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    Working with enthalpy change for dissolution

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    In a coffee-cup calorimeter, 1.10 g of NH4NO3 is mixed with 76.0 g of water at an initial temperature of 25.00°C. After dissolution of the salt, the final temperature of the calorimeter contents is 23.93°C. Assuming the solution has a heat capacity of 4.18 J/°C · g and assuming no heat loss to the calorimeter, calculate the enthalpy change for the dissolution of NH4NO3 in units of kJ/mol.

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    We have heat evolved in the reaction as,

    q = m x c x dT

    here, m = 1.10 + 76 = 77.1 g

    c = 4.08 J/C g

    dT = T final - Tinitial = 23.93 - 25 = - 1.07 C

    Therefore, q = -77.1 * 4.08 * 1.07 = -336.59 J

    That is after dissolution heat is ...

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