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    Enthalpy Change for Dissolution

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    In a coffee-cup calorimeter, 1.10 g of NH4NO3 is mixed with 76.0 g of water at an initial temperature of 25.00°C. After dissolution of the salt, the final temperature of the calorimeter contents is 23.93°C. Assuming the solution has a heat capacity of 4.18 J/C/g and assuming no heat loss to the calorimeter, calculate the enthalpy change for the dissolution of NH4NO3 in units of kJ/mol.

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    m1 = mass of NH4NO3 = 1.10 g
    m2 = mass of water = 76 g
    T1 = initial temperature = 25.00 C
    T2 = final temeperature = 23.93 ...

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    This solution provides step-by-step equations and breakdown to find heat energy absorbed in the dissolution and molecular weight to find change in enthalpy.