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    Calorimetry and Heat Flow: Thermodynamic Quantities

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    The following acid-base reaction is performed in a coffee cup calorimeter:

    H+(aq) + OH-(aq) --> H2O(l)

    The temperature of 110 g of water rises from 25.0°C to 26.2°C when 0.10 mol of H+ is reacted with 0.10 mol of OH-.

    Calculate qwater,
    Calculate ΔH for the reaction,
    Calculate ΔH if 1.00 mol OH- reacts with 1.00 mol H+!

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    Use this equation:
    q = (specific heat) x m x Δt

    where q is heat flow, m is mass in grams, and Δt is the temperature change.

    Plugging in ...

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    The expert examines calorimetry and heat flow for thermodynamic quantities,