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    Calculating Specific Heat Capacity

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    A piece of chromium metal with a mass of 24.26g is heated in boiling water to 98.3C and then dropped into a coffee-cup calorimeter containing 82.3g of water at 23.3C. When thermal equilibrium is reached, the final temperature is 25.6C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of chromium.

    You determine that 187 J of heat is required to raise the temperature of 93.45g of silver from 18.5 to 27.0C. What is the specific heat capacity of solid silver?

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    1) Let specific heat capacity of chromium be s cal/gm/C

    By calorimetry:
    Heat energy given by chromium = heat energy taken by water at 23.3 C
    m_Chrom * s_chrom * (ti_chrom - tf) = ...

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    This solution provides step-by-step calculations for finding specific heat capacity using calorimetry.