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    Heat Needed to Convert Ice to Liquid Water

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    Calculate the amount of heat that must be absorbed by 10.0 g of ice at -20.0 degrees C to convert it to liquid water at 60.0 degree C.

    Specific heat (ice) = 2.1 j/g degree C

    Specific heat (water) delta H (fus)= 6.0 kJ/mol

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    First calculate the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of ice from -20.0°C to 0°C:

    Q1 = mc_ice *T = 10.0 * 2.1 * [0 - (-20)] = 420 ...

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    The solution is comprised of detailed steps of calculating the heat energy required to convert 10 grams ice at -20 degrees Celsius to water at 60 degrees Celsius.