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Calorimetry involving heat of solution of NaOH(s)

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A lab experiment dealing with the properties of a coffee cup calorimeter was completed. One of the procedures involved measuring the temperature of 50mL water placed in a calorimeter for 3 minutes, and then adding NaOH(s) pellets and measuring the temperature for 4 more minutes. I have several temperature measurements, but I am not sure how to use that data to calculate "heat gained by solution," "heat gained by calorimeter," "total heat of reaction," or "heat of solution per mole." Please see the attached file to view my data, but I am mainly interested in how I would go about filling out the "Data/Calculation" chart at the bottom of the page.

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For these types of experiments, you will want to know the final temperature that the solution would reach after the reaction is complete. Was there a temperature that was reached after a reasonable length of time?

I will assume that your temperature under "8" is your last temperature is your final ...

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Solution provides detailed explanation for dealing with an experiment involving the properties of a coffee cup calorimeter. The expert explains, using an attached table from the student's experiment, how to fill out the "Data/Calculation" chart.