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combustion of quinone

1)When a 9.55 g- sample of solid sodium hydroxide dissolves in 100.0 g of water in a coffee-cup calorimeter, the temperature rises from 23.6 C to 47.4 C .
Calculate the molar enthalpy (in kJ/mol NaOH) for the solution process NaOH(s)>>Na+(aq)+OH-(aq) . Assume that the specific heat of the solution is the same as that of pure water.

2)A 2.300 g sample of quinone (C6H4O2) is burned in a bomb calorimeter whose total heat capacity is 7.854 kJ/C. The temperature of the calorimeter increases from 23.90C to 31.35C.
- What is the heat of combustion per gram of quinone?
- What is the heat of combustion per mole of quinone?

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1) We need to assume that the heat yielded by dissovling NaOH is absorbed by the solution.
so first calculate the heat absorbed by the solution:
Q = mc * deltaT.
where the mass of the solution = 9.55 + 100.0 = 109.55 grams.
the specific heat of pure water c = 4.184 J/(g.K)
the temperature change ...

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It shows how to calculate the molar enthalpy during hydroxide dissolving process. It also calculates the heat from the combustion of quinone.