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    Specific heat to convert ice to steam

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    How much heat (energy) is required to convert 52.0 g of ice at -10.0 degree C to steam at 100 degree C?

    specific heat of ice: 2.09 J/g degree Celsius Delta H fus
    specific heat of water: 4.18 J/g Celsius Delta H vap= 40.7 kJ/mol
    specific heat of steam: 1.84 J/g Celsius

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    With these problems, I start from the initial state and work toward the final state. We basically calculate the amount of heat required for each step.
    1. Calculate the amount of heat required to increase the temperature from -10oC to 0oC (melting point of ice)
    Q = mCdeltaT
    Q = 52.0 g x 2.09 J/g/oC x ...

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    The specific heat (energy) to convert ice to steam is found.