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Calculations of Steam Distillation

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A natural product (MW = 150) distills with steam at a boiling temperature of 99 ( degrees Celsius) at atmospheric pressure. The vapor pressure of water at 99 (degrees Celsius) is 733 mmHG.

1. Calculate the weight of natural product that codstills with each gram of water at 99 (degrees Celsius)?

2. How much water must be removed by steam distillation to recover this natural product from 3.0g of a spice that contains 10% of the desired substance?

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The expert provides calculations for steam distillation. The weight of natural product that codstills with each gram of water at 99 are determined.

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The ratio of masses of two compounds in gas phase is equal to the ratio of the products of their molecular masses times their partial pressures:

m1/m2 = M1*p1 / M2*p2

This ratio remain constant after the gas mixture resulting from the distillation ...

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