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    Mass Transfer: 21 Short Answer Questions

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    1. What happens to the rate of leaching with increase in temperature?
    2. State some common problems of packed columns.
    3. What types of towers are suitable for corrosive and foamy liquids?
    4. Why plate towers are preferred to packed columns when large temperature changes are involved?
    5. for vacuum operation why packed towers are desirable?
    6. Give some essential characteristics of a good absorbent.
    7. What are the main criteria for a binary fractionation?
    8. When is steam distillation recommended?
    9. When a natural draft cooling tower is generally used?
    10. What are spray chambers?
    11. What do you mean by constant drying conditions?
    12. What is unbound moisture?
    13. What are the advantages of continuous drying over the batch process?
    14. What is hold up in a dryer?
    15. How adsorption is applied to gaseous separations?
    16. What are flights in rotary dryers?
    17. What is critical solution temperature?
    18. Why are horizontal compartmenting plates or baffles provided in most mechanically agitated liquid-liquid extractors?
    19. Why solids having cellular structure are not ground to small size before leaching operation is carried out?
    20. What is adsorption hysteresis?
    21. What should be properties of good adsorbent?

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