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Steam Distillation

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Steam distillation may be used to separate a mixture of p-nitrophenol and o-nitrophenol. The ortho isomer distills at 93 degrees Celsius, the para isomer does not. Explain.

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The reason why the ortho distills first (meaning it's less stable in terms of ...

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This solution provides the explanation required to answer this organic chemistry question which pertains to the mixture separation technique of steam distillation. This is discussed in under 100 words.

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Calculations of Steam Distillation

A natural product (MW = 150) distills with steam at a boiling temperature of 99 ( degrees Celsius) at atmospheric pressure. The vapor pressure of water at 99 (degrees Celsius) is 733 mmHG.

1. Calculate the weight of natural product that codstills with each gram of water at 99 (degrees Celsius)?

2. How much water must be removed by steam distillation to recover this natural product from 3.0g of a spice that contains 10% of the desired substance?

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