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Beam Deflection Solution

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Q.1 Derive an expression for the deflection due to shear for a cantilever beam of constant rectangular cross section, under action of a point load, P at free end.

Q.2 Show how the max shear stress occurs at the neutral axis and a value of 3/2 x average shear stress on the section.

Q.3 If length of cantilever is 2m, P=100KN, b=100mm, d=200mm, E=7.5 KN/mm2, calculate the shear deflection at the free end.

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Solution Summary

Question1: It's a step by step deduction of the beam deflection formula.

Question2: It's also a step by step solution to reach shear stress at a cantilever beam, while a point force P is applied at the free end.

Question.3: It is a regular sum for finding out deflection while a point load is applied at the free end of the cantilever beam of constant rectangular cross section

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