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Beam deflection at corner through centroid?

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I'm asked to determine the deflection of the tip of a beam for a 2000N load. The section is rotated 15 degrees. The load application point is through the centroid of section. Another way to describe the picture is that the beam is cocked to one side by 15 degrees and the load almost at one corner [maybe width*cos(15)] aiming to the diagonal corner.

Given load=2000N, on the tip of a 1m beam. Beam dimensions are H=80mm B=W=40mm and t=thickness of 1.5mm.

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In this case, the force F = 2000N is divided into two components:
Fx = Fcos theta = 2000 cos(15 deg) which acts as a compressive force. This will not create any deflection in the beam, unless it is graeter ...

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