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    Cantilever Beam with Maximum Tensile Strength

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    A cantilever beam is to be made using a symmetrical I section beam. The cantilever is to carry a load of 40kN at a distance 2.5m from the fixed end. The situation allows for a depth of I-beam to be no greater than 250mm. I-beams of this depth are normally supplied with a flange of thickness 8mm and web thickness of 6mm. Calculate the flange width if the maximum tensile stress is not to exceed 180MN/m2.

    Explain and show calculations.

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    The set-up of this problem is shown above. The maximum tensile strength occurs at the fixed end on the side of the applied load. The formula for max stress is: (please see the attached file).

    Where M is the moment at the location of max stress, I is the moment of inertia of the beam, and c is the distance from the centerline to the point of max stress. In this case the neutral axis is located at the mid-section of the I beam. Therefore, the distance from this mid line to the outermost fiber ...

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