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    Stress Conditions, Etc.

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    A simple explanation of these solutions would be much appreciated. Could you also include any relevant comment along the way to help me understand your method and this subject better? Sketches are required. Can you also include Mohr's circle? Please find the questions in the attachment below.

    Hope you can help with this revision work and I look forward to your reply.

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    are principle stresses
    Safety factor S = 3
    Bending Movement=M=4KN-m
    Max Torque =T

    Tresca criteria says that

    Yielding starts when
    We can find as

    Safety factor S =

    After simplification

    After Submitting the values we will obtain the max Torque as T = 7.664 KN-m

    Question 3:
    A component is subjected to loading conditions which result in the following stress conditions at a point on the surface, x = -40MPa, y = 50MPa and xy = 35 MPa.

    Determine :-

    (a) the magnitude and orientation of the principal stresses

    (b) the magnitude and orientation of the maximum shear stress

    the stresses acting on a plane ...

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