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Organizational Stress Prevention

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A critical factor in promoting a healthy work environment is the stage at which stress is managed. The three levels of prevention are the primary prevention stage (designed to reduce or eliminate the stressor), the secondary prevention stage (designed to modify the response to stress), and the tertiary prevention stage (designed to heal symptoms of distress).

Read several studies on primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention of stress and compare them. Next, identify at least one organizational stress management method aligned with each type of prevention. Choose one that you believe would be most effective and why.

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A very important organizational stress management method aligned with primary prevention, is to provide staff members with the protective equipment that they need, that would help to eliminate external stressors within their work environment. This method includes providing staff members that work in noisy environments with ear protection that exponentially reduces their exposure to the stress causing noise. Another example of an organizational stress management method aligned with primary prevention, is to ensure that staff members are not overworked by limiting the number of hours that they work to 40 hours or less per week. This is a key methodology by which to reduce the stress and fatigue that is experienced by overworking, which is generally caused by ...

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