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    SKIN REPAIR Homeostatic Nature

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    Can you explain to me the homeostatic nature of skin repair and how stress or poor nutrition affect the skin's ability to heal a wound?

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    Homeostatic nature of skin repair

    Homeostasis refers to the processes by which the qualities of the internal environment of the body are kept within the limits that best suit all the cells of the body. By qualities, I mean things like body temperature, blood pressure, fluid balance, pH balance and so on.

    The skin contributes in several ways to homeostasis, for example by providing a hard-wearing, infection-resistant and flexible outer boundary to the body, by generating sensory information that is relayed to the central nervous system, by helping in vitamin D production, by limiting fluid loss, by providing protection against ultraviolet radiation, and by helping to regulate body temperature etc. However, the epidermis is constantly being created by cell division in the basal layer, and the outer layers of dead epidermal cells are continuously being sloughed off. When the outer layers go, they take along with them some of the micro-organisms that are already present on our skin, so as to provide a natural cleansing process for the skin and helps to ensure that a healthy balance of micro flora is maintained.

    Now clearly it benefits the body to have an intact boundary provided largely by the skin, otherwise the risk of ...

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    The expert explains the homeostatic nature of skin repair. How stress or poor nutrition affects the skin's ability to heal the wound is determined.