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Moles, ABCD, and Membranes

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1. Mary noticed a large, brown spot on her skin. She has been playing tennis in the sun for several years without sun protection. She reported the discovery to a friend, who told her to apply the ABCD rule to determine whether or not she had malignant melanoma. Her friend told her that if her answer was "no" to the questions that were asked by the ABCD rule, she had nothing to worry about. What is the ABCD rule and should she ignore the spot if her answers are negative? Please explain with as much detail as possible so that I have a complete understanding.

2. What is the importance of membranes in the body? What are the three types of membranes? Compare and contrast each type. What homeostatic imbalances may occur relating to membranes, and what are their implications? Please provide as much detail as possible I will have to write an essay on this questions and just want as much information as possible.

Thank you.

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ABCD is a set of initial guidelines to ...

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The ABCD rules of assessing moles, as well as the importance of our bodies' membranes, is explained.

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