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    Haplotype Determination using Clark's Algorithm

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    Given the SNP genotyping information about the following individual:

    Individual 1: Aa Bb CC Dd
    Individual 2: aa bb CC DD
    Individual 3: Aa Bb CC DD
    Individual 4: aa Bb CC dd
    Individual 5: aa Bb CC Dd

    Use the Clark's algorithm to resolve the haplotypes for each individual. E.g. Individual 1 = (text field aBCd) + (text field AbCD)

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    Clark's algorithm begins by finding all homozygotes and single-site heterozygotes
    and resolving the resulting known haplotypes.


    Individual 2: (abCD) + (abCD)

    Single-site Heterozygotes

    Individual 4: (aBCd) + (abCd)

    Then, for each known haplotype, look at all the remaining unresolved sequences
    and ask whether the known haplotype can be made from some combination of ...

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