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Genetics - Distance Matrix

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Using the table below, build a genetic distance matrix which gives the total number of genetic differences between pairs of unique haplotypes in the sample. The first box is filled in for you, by way of an example.

Haplotypes 1 2 3 4 5
1 -- 2
2 --
3 --
4 --
5 --

Complete the phylogenetic tree below which places the chimpanzee as the ancestral outgroup for the collection of human haplotypes. To do this, label the ends of the branches with the haplotype designations (Haplotype 3 has already been added, by way of an example) and label the lengths of the branches with the names of the SNPs whose alleles mutate as the haplotypes evolve (SNP6 has changed, for example, between the chimpanzee outgroup and Haplotype 3). Hint: use the results of part (h) to help guide your decision-making.

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Solution Summary

Completing a phylogenetic tree based on a distance matrix.

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