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    Determine mapping distance

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    An organism of genotype AaBb is testcrossed. 1000 offspring are counted and the numbers in the four genotypic categories are as follows:

    AaBb 450
    Aabb 42
    aaBb 38
    aabb 470

    1.What can you say about these genes and what is the distance in map unit between 2 genes?
    2.Rf between 2 genes is 0.5. What are 2 likely locations of these genes?

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    1. In a test-cross AaBb x aabb the expected offspring are as follows:
    AB Ab aB ab
    ab AaBb Aabb aaBb aabb
    ab AaBb Aabb aaBb aabb

    1/4 AaBb
    1/4 Aabb
    1/4 aaBb
    1/4 aabb

    However, the observed ...

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