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    Components of a research design, a step by step guide

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    I need help creating a proposal, my topic is how stress affects our health and relationships. ( key ideas and questions would be helpful or format). I understand that this assignment can not be done for me.

    The format for the Applied Project will be in the form of a proposal including: cover page, abstract, table of contents, four stages of the research design, concluding narrative and references.

    Specifically you will:

    Organize the parts of the Applied Project summative paper as outlined above.

    The Applied Project should reflect a logical and integrated set of information illustrating your conceptualization of a research focus / question progressing to the kinds of analysis that will be used. Your instructor will also give ample attention to composition, clarity, and cohesion of ideas.

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    APR encompasses a basic format usually consisting of:

    A - cover page

    B - Introduction - usually containing the abstract (paragraph or so of your objective, methodology, etc)
    The introduction helps to establish the problem and why you are studying this particular topic. You will also discuss what research method you will be using, qualitative, quantitative or mixed.

    Next your instructor may ask for a "purpose statement" - a statement helps guide your reader to the central point of your research
    And example might be:

    "The purpose of this_______study is to (understand, describe, discover,) the ________ for (your audience, participant, group, etc) at (your research site). At this stage of the research, the _____________(subject being studied) will be defined as ________" (Creswell, 2003)

    Followed by:

    C - Literature Review - any references that specifically focus on your subject. Be sure to stay specific to your focused area of research. In the case of stress you have a multitude of areas in which to venture.. biological, physical manifestations, emotional, psychological...which areas do you wish to cover? Are you seeking a specific population or gender?

    In the case of PTSD, you can specifically target individuals and/or groups who ...

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    This solution provides a guide to enhance the comprehension of designing a research or applied project paper. The explanation is offered in a step-by-step breakdown of the sections required, with examples given in each category. This solution also offers questions to help focus your research subject.