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    Text book Management science 7 ed by Bernard Taylor

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    Solve the following linear programing model graphically. Maximize Z= 5x1 + 8x2 subject to:
    3x1 + 5x2 <= 50
    2x1 + 4x2 <= 40
    x1 <= 8
    x2 <= 10
    x1,x2 > 0

    Transform this model into standard form and indicate the value of the slack variables at each corner point solution.

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    Solution Summary

    Standard form is the general form of y = mx + b. Lets assume that x1 is x and x2 is y. Thus, this model expressed in standard form is as follows: Maximize Z=5x1 + 8x2. In standard for the constraints must be represented in general form as well. In order to solve this model, we must include slack variables. Solution is shown attached.