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Materials To Construct An Industrial Building

A small building can be constructed of steel or wood framing. A decision is made to use steel for fire resistance. If 0.60 m^3 of steel is required for the same structural support as 1.25 m^3 of wood, how much more mass will the building have as a result of this decision? (Approximate the density of steel by that of pure iron. The density of wood can be taken to be 0.42 Mg/m^3

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Density of Iron = 7.86 *10 3 Kg/m 3
= 7.86 Mg/ m 3

Density = Mass/Volume
Mass = Density * volume

For wood,
Density = 0.42 ...

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The solution is comprised of a comparison of two materials based on their weight for constructing a industrial building.