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Thoreau's theories in the modern world?

When looking at Thoreau's ideas of living, is there one particular one which would be difficult at applying to "real" life, why and how?

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Thoreau's philosophical writing, particularly while he lived at Walden Pond, and also during the totality of his life. make for interesting and thoughtful reading, especially when considered against the changes that have occurred in the American landscape since the time when Thoreau lived in such quiet simplicity in the woods.

One Web site which addresses this topic quite well - which is also rather easy reading and well presented - is this one you might want to look over: http://www.swans.com/library/art11/brooks02.html

The points the author makes on this site is that it is easy to dismiss Thoreau's theories of simple living in this modern, post-industrial world as impossible, but that this ...

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How might Thoreau's theories of simple living run into problems in the modern world? One example of applying one of Thoreau's principles in particular that might encounter difficulty is discussed.